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Air Conditioning

We provide new installs, decommissions and replacements of split system air conditioners. We also provide AC fault finding and cleaning services.

Why get us to clean your AC?

It is important to clean your AC regularly for not only your health but to help the unit run more efficiently which saves you $$.

When mould and dirt builds up in the indoor unit of your AC, it affects how well the unit works, which can make the unit work harder to keep you cool or warm!

Also nobody wants hidden mould being blown into the air you are breathing!

Helpful Money Saving Tips

There are several things you can do to keep your AC running efficiently

  • Get your AC cleaned regularly
  • Keep your outdoor unit free from any obstructions in front and behind of it; including any rubbish, plant litter or animal hair
  • Clean your indoor filters
  • Close all windows, blinds/curtains and doors while running your AC

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